Climbing at Crazy Horse   

Tour Overview

All the climbing is carried out at Crazy Horse Buttress Chiang Mai's best climbing location just beyond the town of Sankampeng east of Chiang Mai.

Choose from three climbing courses:

Course A - Introduction to top rope climbing
Cn this course, we will introduce you to the basics of rock climbing. The emphasis of the course will be to discuss the specific safety issues inherent in the sport of rock-climbing, rock-climbing equipment and its uses, basic climbing knots, rock climbing language, belaying, top-roping, basic climbing movement, and basic rappelling.

The main focus of the course will be to teach you rock climbing safety and the essential skill of belaying. By the end of the course, you should understand the physics of belaying and climbing safely. This course is ideal for someone with little or no climbing experience, as it will serve as the building block for your future climbing endeavors.

Course B - Intermediate top rope climbing
Now that you have gotten your feet wet, we can begin to explore more complex issues of rock climbing. We will review all of the concepts learned in Introduction to Top Rope Rock Climbing. However, we will take many of those concepts a step further while also introducing the essential skill of threading an anchor.

Topics of discussion include more advanced safety issues and concerns, better belaying, and more advanced climbing movement. This course will strengthen your basic skills and help you become more comfortable with the sport. This course is ideal for the climber who has previously taken a climbing course or has climbed in a gym, but still has little climbing experience.

*Climbers must have taken a previous Top Rope climbing course or display a working knowledge of basic Top Rope climbing concepts before participating this course.

Course C - Introduction to Lead climbing
Lead climbing is an essential skill for an aspiring climber. In this course we will discuss the differences between top rope climbing and lead climbing. We will introduce you to the safety issues inherent in lead climbing and help you master the skills necessary to be a good lead climber.

Skills discussed will include lead belaying, catching a fall, falling, proper clipping techniques, the risks of back-clipping, proper rope-management, tying a rope through the anchor, advanced rock climbing knots, resting while climbing, proper clipping stances, and more advanced climbing techniques. Climbers will practice clipping the rope into quickdraws but will remain on a top-rope belay. Once climbers have demonstrated a concrete understanding of the differences between top-rope and lead climbing, they will be given the opportunity to lead climb on routes with which they are familiar.

This course is ideal for an experienced top rope climber or a climber who has just finished the top rope introductory course program. This is the next step toward becoming a successful climber.

*Climbers must have taken an intermediate Top Rope Rock Climbing Course or display a working knowledge of the skills required in Top Rope climbing before participating in a Lead Climbing Course. Climbers should ideally know the essential skill of threading an anchor before taking a lead climbing course.


• Pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai. around 8:30am
• Drive 35 minutes out to Crazy Horse Buttress
• Safety briefing
• Commence Climbing
• Break for lunch
• Climbing afternnoon session
• Return to Chiang Mai to your hotel/guesthouse. around 5:00pm


Join-in Tour
Climbing Course A - Price per person in Thai baht
Climbing Course B- Price per person in Thai baht
Climbing Course C- Price per person in Thai baht
This tour includes:
• All climbing gear and safety gear
• Tuition from experienced climbing guides
• Climbing shoes
• All listed activities
• Lunch
• Drinking water
• Pick up and drop off at your hotel
This tour excludes:

Quick Facts
Climbing trips depart Chiang Mai for Crazy Horse Buttress daily.


You will be transported to Crazy Horse Buttress by seated and covered pick up truck or 4 wheel drive jeep. Crazy Horse Butress is about a 40 minute drive east of Chiang Mai.


All climbing guides are held to stringent company standards and are tested regularly on their knowledge of advanced climbing techniques and first aid safety.


All necessary climbing and safety equipment will be supplied this includes shoes and safety helemet.


Have breakfast before you go and feel free to bring some snacks for the day. Lunch will be provided at the crag and you can chose from the menu in the morning. Vegetarians and special diets can be catered for. A selection of fresh fruit will also be provided as well as drinking water throughout the day.


You will be led by experienced well trained guides with knowledge of advanced climbing techniques and first aid safety. All equipment is maintained with detailed records on purchase dates and user logs. Bolts and anchors are inspected on a regular basis. A log is kept of every route ever bolted at Crazy Horse. The log lists pertinent information on the date of bolting, they type of bolts used, the frequency with which we change threads, and the re-bolting schedule, as well as those who do the bolting.

What to wear

Light shorts and t shirts are ideal. Shorts without too many pockets are preferable as they don’t interfere with the harness. Climbing shoes will be provided.

What to bring

All essential climbing gear will be provided so there isn’t much need to take much out to the crag but you may want to bring along a sunhat, sunglasses, sun block, your camera and a few snacks.